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Our professional teams of Professor, educator & researcher
We work around the clock to provide our students and customer with the best quality products at an affordable price.
We also help business owner to get the right products. We advise clients on market strategy in Asia,  America, Africa or around the world.
Our Team of Distributor to Univiersities, Schools and businesses.
All our distributor are highly qualified in electronics and technology. they provide and excellent customer service with 100% guaranty on all the products we offer.
About HP Wakatech

Founded by Dr Hugues Pierre Ngatchou WakaWaka, HP Wakatech is a Native American , Canadian, University Students, professor- Educator owned company and operated right here in North America. No other companies offer similar services, our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
Our purpose is simple: It’s giving you the freedom to take that Walk of Technology innovation; to discover new possibility; to empower you and to take charge of your Universe. It’s the power to connect who you are with your own potential in a changing world. We measure our success by how well we serve our community, protect our earth‘s resources, and make a difference in people's lives every day. Who are we therefore? We are HP-WaKa for tech and One Love. 
HP-WaKaTech started in 2002 with Laptop sales across University Campus  in the USA by Dr. Wakawaka Hughes Pierre Ngatchou. Another branch WakaStyle was developed to satisfied the clothing and fashion demand of students. Wakastyle fashion branch was sold to a large company... and a humanitarian group was created by the proceed of the sale to help students with math and science. We offer free online classes to student around the world and travel to Native community across the USA and Canada to work with students. 
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Committed to helping our students and other customers achieve their dreams

Treat Your Business to the #1 Industry Provider of Electronics Service. Get your own dedicated distributorship program in any country, and boost your sales anywhere. Streamline your business with the ultimate power of HP-WaKaWaKa Technology. 
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Community involvement and Education

Unlimited Love is our motto. We embrace our responsibility and we are proud to contribute as a good world citizen, taking action around the planet to foster a better society, protect and improve the environment, and empower our communities.
Visit our actions around the globe by visiting our College fondation  website: 
Visit also our community improvement action website at: 
We do not only Walk Technology, We Talk Technology and we Do technology.
We are the only Electronics Company that cares about student because we are a Student and University owned factory-deals for electronics.
We design, research, funds and distribute.
We are powered by Dr. HP WaKaWaka technology drive and Energy.

We are an American Canadian company with office in Montreal, Washington DC, New York, South Dakota, China, Hong Kong, Paris, London, East Coast, and Northern Quebec.
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